Behavioral Health at Home Program

Behavioral Health at Home is a program offering comprehensive psychiatric nursing services to patients with mental health disorders. Our Behavioral Health RN’s skilled nurse visit targets patient specific diagnosis, reduces the need for urgent and emergent inpatient psychiatric care, as well as improves patient overall well-being. In order to serve as an RN for our Behavioral Health Program, RNs must have a minimum of one full-time year in an active psychiatric treatment center or outpatient clinic to qualify.

If placed in our Program, our nurse collaborates with you, your family and your physician to complete an individualized plan of care. The plan details which therapy, health care and personal care services are necessary to support you in regaining and maintaining a superior quality of life.

For Patients in our Program, our Behavioral Health Nurses:

  • Conduct weekly visits
  • Provide education and support for the family members and patients 24/7
  • Provide support and education about:
    • Medications, including administration techniques
    • Disease processes
    • Coping skills
    • Safe interventions that enhance the patient’s independence and safety in the home
  • Provide frequent assessment and rapid handling of medical and behavioral health issues which can prevent ER trips and hospitalizations
  • Can administer regular injections, if necessary
  • Work in coordination with your doctor

Overall Program Benefits:

  • In home convenience
  • Covered 100% by Medicare, no out of pocket costs

More Information:

We are happy to serve you and to answer any questions you have regarding our Behavioral Health at Home Program or any other home health needs. Contact your local Angels Care office today.

Behavioral Health